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The hotels are preparing for Rouble

OSMAN Ayık, the Head of the Federation of Turkish Hotel Owners, has stated that 1.500 hotels are planning to switch over to Rouble. "If we can sort out the currency risk, 1.500 hotels will switch over to Rouble as their main currency in March." Russian authorities think that, while this move will increase the number of Russian citizens who will designate Turkey as their holiday destination and make business more lively, its effect on the expenditure of Russian tourists will be limited.

Permission from Moscow to Pegasus and Pobeda from Gazipaşa Airport

THE flightsthat will take place betweenMoscowandGazipaşa Airport in Alanya will be organized byPobeda AirlinesandPegasus, but the frequency of these flights are yet to be determined. The tourism professionals are quite happy about this piece of news as these scheduled flights will be quite beneficial to tour operators other than Anex and Coral, who will be flying fromRussiaand Ukraine with their own planes. 

Happy news from Anex's boss

This year, we expect 5.5 million tourists to come to the Mediterranean and Aegaean regions from Russia and CIS regions. 5 million of these tourists will be Russians. As Anex, we will bring the remaining 1 million." Koçkar has also given information about the state of early reservations, stating that early reservation numbers for Turkey has increased fivefold.

Women to see positive discrimination through Turkey’s ‘employment movement’ campaign: Minister

Labor and Social Security Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has vowed that 1.5 million jobs will be created in line with the Turkish government’s recently launched “employment mobilization” campaign, saying in particular that women would benefit from positive discrimination in these new jobs. 

The cabinet will also seek to help disabled people and ex-convicts join the workforce in the campaign, which was recently heralded in a speech by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in which he said all employers should create “at least one new job.” 

“Some 100,000 of the estimated 1.5 million jobs will be reserved for three groups. We will expect 50,000 of these jobs to be explicitly offered to women, while four-fifths of the other 50,000 jobs will be offered to disabled people and one-fifth will be offered to former prisoners,” Müezzinoğlu told reporters on Feb. 9. 

Addressing the economic council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) on Feb. 7, President Erdoğan had called on b…


With Memecik olives gathered from the 300.000 m2 garden in Aydin, owned by Zetay, an affiliate of Aydiner Group, comprising over 15 thousand olive trees one of world’s top 20 olive brands is produced. This year Zetay was ranked among  20 olive oil brands in the list of “World’s Best 500 Olive oils” where it was listed last year as well and for the company’s award winning olive oil made from Zetay’s own produce, 2015-2016 harvest season has already started. Zetay Natural Extra-virgin Cold-press Olive Oil had entered rankings in the list of “World’s Best 500 Olive oils” last year and this year the brand managed to enter among top 20 brands in the same list and will receive its award in Rome on 28 November 2015. This year’s harvest at the olive garden in Kulloğulları Village where the award winning olive oil is produced, started with a festival on Friday, 23 October 2015. A panel titled “How to notice a high quality olive oil and how should it be produced?” and chaired by World renowned Ol…


Melotis Series of Kelebek in which durability and aesthetic are reinterpreted in natural forms, presents a design beyond time with its Retro soul. Kelebek, Turkey’s white shoe brand, is reflecting the timeless soul with its MelotisSeries which is designed with Retro interpretation. Melotis that is shining out with the naturality within wood, is making a warm touch to the spaces with its refined looking. Melotis Series, dazzling with its natural elegance, also presents different usage solutions together. Melotis will witness meals to be eaten with pleasure for long years with its quality and durable material.


Çuhadaroğlu Alüminyum from Çuhadaroğlu Group Companies which is one of the most important establishments of the sector with its confidence, knowledge and quality for over 62 years carried out 50 Million TL FACTORY investment. The factory, being planned to be put into use by January 2017, has the characteristic of ranking among limited plants both in Turkey and Europe with its production capacity and high production speed. The firm which makes 250.000 m2 aluminum joinery system, door&window and curtain wallingsystems production per year, is targeting to raise its capacity with its new factory. Çuhadaroğlu Alüminyum, setting off with more employment, more production and export motto, is targeting 200 million TL in 2023 and about 500 million TL turnover together with Çuhadaroğlu Metal Company. Çuhadaroğlu, blazing many trails in Turkey, has been protecting its place in the country as the symbol of confidence at aluminum and metal sectors for 62 years. Çuhadaroğlu which was founded by M…