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The factory, being planned to be put into use by January 2017, has the characteristic of ranking among limited plants both in Turkey and Europe with its production capacity and high production speed. The firm which makes 250.000 m2 aluminum joinery system, door&window and curtain wallingsystems production per year, is targeting to raise its capacity with its new factory. Çuhadaroğlu Alüminyum, setting off with more employment, more production and export motto, is targeting 200 million TL in 2023 and about 500 million TL turnover together with Çuhadaroğlu Metal Company.
Çuhadaroğlu, blazing many trails in Turkey, has been protecting its place in the country as the symbol of confidence at aluminum and metal sectors for 62 years. Çuhadaroğlu which was founded by Master Architect Ahmet Çuhadaroğlu 62 years ago and took a step to the sector with steel construction element production, is creating an employment with 800 people and 5000 people together with the firms that is realized collaboration today that started with 5 people in 1950s. Çuhadaroğlu, giving service on 57.000 m2 of area in total in Beylikdüzü, has a giant integrated plant realizing all of the applications within it. Targeted capacity for 2016 of Çuhadaroğlu that has 16.200 tons of production capacity in total is 24.000 tons.
Çuhadaroğlu had 50% rate of growth between the years 2013 and2015. Çuhadaroğlu which proceeds with a greater performance over the 3% of growth of the sector, is providing goods and semi- finished goods for automotive, defense and transport sectors as well as the 70% mainly construction sector with the investments made for 11 years.
Çuhadaroğlu which carries out an “haute couture” activity needs different solutions at each project for the facade of the buildings, is realizing the dreams of architectures in one sense. These activities base to be carried out special working, requiring endurance to the physical conditions in addition to the schematic features in long term. Çuhadaroğlu makes a quality technology and production by producing special- made solutions in any projects offered. R&D department within the company is gaining the essentials of international conditions to the home production by progressing integrated with the world for innovative solutions.


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